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DATE: September 15, 2024

LOCATION: Uptown Theater Kansas City


The fifth annual Midwest Hairstyling Awards’ regional Celebration Event is scheduled for Sunday evening, September 15, 2024, at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO.

A fun-filled, celebratory evening is being planned and will feature some of the top artists in our industry! The highly regarded MWHA Celebration Event nearly doubled in size in 2021 and quickly became one of the most popular regional award events in the beauty industry. Inspired by successful regional awards shows in the Northwest, Southwest, the MWHAs hosted an array of industry leaders and artists that are well regarded nationwide as well as international.

Our ethos is about successful beauty industry professionals supporting and growing one another. MWHA was created by hairstylists for hairstylists with the sole purpose of recognizing and celebrating the best of the best in the American beauty industry.   By dividing the country into regions, this allows artists who might not be ready for national competitions the opportunity to share their work and receive deserved recognition.  Our platform creates a non-political, level playing field for all stylists and makeup artists of any experience to submit their work with a chance to create a stronger professional position in their home communities. The individual’s ability to market themselves, their team and their salon or spa with an award of this caliber could be life changing.  In addition to awards at the Celebration Event, we also provide individual educational and mentorship opportunities provided by some of our judges and/or presenters. We have held educational events the day after our celebration and will continue to do so as an effort to inspire and motivate the attendees who want to elevate their knowledge and skills.

This awards show covers the Midwest region of the United States which includes Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

This contest is open to licensed professionals in the beauty industry in the Midwest region.  Hairstylists, Barbers, and Makeup Artists submit photographs of their work.  Winners are chosen through a judging process that includes some of the most well-known national and international professionals in the beauty industry. Winners will be announced live the evening of the awards ceremony.

The MWHA Celebration Event will showcase hair and fashion runway segments featuring five (invited) salon teams from the Midwest region and, new this year, up to four professional beauty brand sponsored segments interspersed with the announcement of winners in up to 12 recognized categories.  We will also announce three special honorees.  Again, this evening features several high-profile artists in various capacities.


These awards are for the Midwest region only:

  • Hairstylist of the Year
  • Hair Colorist of the Year
  • Master Hairstylist of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Textured Hairstylist of the Year
  • Avant Garde Hairstylist of the Year
    Barber Stylist of the Year
  • Artistic Team of the Year
  • Makeup Artist of the Year
  • Future Hairstylist of the Year (student award)
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Inspiration Icon of the Year
  • Uncensored Beauty Honoree (this award is specific to the MWHA evening celebration)

MWHA collaborates with Hair Awards USA (HAUSA).  This regional event is part of a national beauty awards organization.

There is no other organization in this industry offering regional awards and mentorship opportunities to help beauty professionals gain recognition for the work they do. Your sponsorship will help us offer an event the midwest region of the United States that both exemplifies and represents the uniqueness of the region. This also gives you the opportunity to network and expose your business to hundreds of professionals, salon and spa owners, industry influencers as well as their guests. We look forward to partnering with you.


  • Open dialogue with potential clients previously unreachable
  • Add a point of differentiation to your marketing campaign
  • Significantly increase your brand awareness
  • Connect directly with decision-makers
  • Generate positive PR for your business by showing your support for the industry

Statistics prove that a blended, multi-channel approach to reach salon decision makers is valuable and an important platform in generating new business and brand awareness. This is a significant opportunity to impact both.


Sponsorship Levels




  • Title Sponsor of event (as “MWHA presented by…”)
  • Mentions on all social media promos (as “MWHA presented by…”) excluding posts exclusively about the Welcome Reception (Gold Sponsor)
  • Logo on LED screen loop
  • Logo on LED screen after each award segment as the Title Sponsor with the opportunity for three 30 second video testimonials if desired
  • Logo on Step & Repeat
  • Pop-up at event
  • Ability to create an exclusive gift bag for front row seats
  • Mention on program under MWHA Logo (as “Presented by…”)
  • 12 seats at the live runway show, 2 of which are front row
  • Opportunity to have pre-approved banners and brand collateral at event venue and at the entrance of the event




  • Sponsor of the Welcome Reception (2-hour reception before the awards ceremony)
  • Mentions on social media event Welcome Reception promos (minimum of 10) (as “MWHA Welcome Reception hosted by…”)
  • Mentions on 10 additional social media posts
  • Logo on LED screen loop
  • Logo on Step & Repeat
  • Pop-up at event
  • Ability to create an exclusive gift bag for front row seats or Walk-Away Bags
  • Mention on program
  • 8 seats at the live show, 2 of which are front row
  • Opportunity to have pre-approved banner and brand collateral at event venue




  • 5min segment to include any video, runway and team recognition
  • Mentions on 10 social media promo posts
  • Affords this sponsor the ability to sponsor a single runway segment.  Major product brands are welcome however, we encourage the use of a support team from the Midwest region
  • Mention on program




  • There may be competing professional beauty brands in this category, however there will be no competing service brands allowed (i.e., software, equipment, implements, etc.)
  • Mentions on 10 social media promo posts
  • Logo on LED screen loop
  • Ability to add a product and literature to front row gift bags
  • Mention on program
  • 4 seats at the live show
  • Pop-up available for an additional $500 (space available – approximately 4 available)




  • Mentions on 3 social media promo posts
  • Logo on LED screen loop
  • Ability to add product (no literature) to front row gift bags
  • Mention on program•2 general admission tickets at the live show (overflow seating if available)

Vilma Subel

Founder & Producer, Midwest Hairstyling Awards


[email protected]

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